Care and feeding of pot belly pigs

Care and feeding of pot-bellied pigs it's easier to care for a pot belly pigs then you think. Picture extremely smart and very easy to train to use the litter box or go in and outside like a dog also they do not eat nearly as much as people think they only get a quarter cup of pellets twice a day mixed with fresh fruits and vegetables in between for a snack we give them Bermuda hey it's good for their teeth and low in calories and helps them forage and be less hungry it's very easy to overfeed your pig and make them overweight they're always going to be hungry they don't have a shut off switch to make them not hungry or let them know when they're full if you constantly feed them they will become obese they can become fat blind and have problems with their joints so it's very important to monitor how much food you give them you don't want to starve them but you don't want to make them overweight either

Training them to use the litter box or going in and outside like a dog to use the bathroom is quite easy as well for the litter box we took a Rubbermaid container cut the side out of it and filled it with paper bedding once they use it once or twice they will continue to use it because of the way it smells when you wash out their litter box or change the litter do not use soap and water just rinse with just a little water and add more clean litter you want to keep the smell in the box so they continue to use it if you want to train them to go in and outside like a dog get Pig treats and every time they go out or come in the door you give them a treat and you praise them for potting outside just like house breaking a dog .

Pigs Can't Sweat so in the hot summer months they need a kiddie pool of water or a mud hole they can overheat quite quickly and in the winter if you're paid sleeps outside they're going to need a heat lamp to help keep them warm other than that pigs are extremely easy to care for

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