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Inside pigs and outside pigd

Inside pigs and out side pigs. We have both inside pace and outside pigs outside pigs can be trying to be inside pigs and inside pigs can be outside pigs most of the time on a nice day your Piggy's going to want to spend its time outside and then come in at night and sleep it'll want to be inside when the weather is poopy. Pigs are very smart and can be easily trained to use a litter box at any age. Most pics prefer to do their business outside and give easily trained to go in and out just like a dog with a little time and a couple of treats and just showing them where the door is they'll have it in no time some people even install a doggie door for them so they can let themselves in it out as they need to you'd be surprised how smart your piggy is and how easily it is for you to train them to do what you need.

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