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Health Guarantee:

All animals are guaranteed healthy at the time of sale. When a buyer recieves a cavy, they will have up to 48 hours to contact me about any health conditions or death. The buyer then will then have to show proof (determined by a vet) and cause of death or illness. In the case that a cavy has died within 48 hours then a replacement cavy or 50% refund will be provided. This does not include shipping cost just replacement of the cavy. In the case that your cavy has an illness then seek a vets attention. I will guarantee they are healthy when they are sold so proof of how they got the illness will have to be determined by a vet. In the case that they have been sick prior to being shipped and shown signs of the illness within 48 hours then I will refund 25% of the pigs cost.

Shipment Guarantee:

When shipping a cavy or cavies there is alot that I have to decide upon the shipment date. Occasionally I put up dividers in the pet crate to keep everyone happy during the flight and I make sure they are safe and sound when I arrive at the airport to ship them out. If in any case your cavy arrives dead, their will not be any type of replacement. It is your decision to have the cavy fly, so it is not my responsibility if the cavy arrives dead. Although, the airlines do have insurance for the animal which is a small extra cost. This should not discourage you from shipping you cavy. This circumstance is extremely rare and I would recommend shipping cavies to anyone.  

Temperment Guarantee:

All the cavies live in my house and are extensively handled from birth. I can't guarantee the temperment or attitude that the cavy will have since they all have their own personallities but handling from birth is the best way to have a pig that isn't afraid when being held. Buying a cavy from a breeder is always better then buying one from the pet store because those cavies have probably never been handled, cuddled, or loved before they ended up at the pet store.

Store Policies: Store Policies
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